Elegant Event Setups by CanDeesLLC

Step into elegance with a CanDees set up at your next event. The Suite of Sweets!

Let CanDees provide an elegant and affordable setup for you!

Four Signature Setups available!

The Elegance of a CanDees Setup Coupled With CanDees *Miniature Bourbon Chocolates and Our Deliciously Sweet Roasted Pecans will help make your event, one to remember!

You may elect to have your table attended by a CanDees team member.
Our team member will be responsible for maintaining the elegance of the chosen theme and to assist your guest with the *miniature bourbon chocolates and
sweet roasted pecans.

Reserve your date today! 502-24-YUMMY (98669)

*Miniature Bourbon Chocolates are only available for purchase to accompany our signature setups